Receive daily passive income and triple your money with the first ever deflationary daily ROI platform with Compound Interest and is also Fully Decentralized (Low Risk).

Based on the Binance Smart chain (no huge ETH gas fees), the DRIP token offers you a daily return of 1% on your investment amount! Yes, you read that correctly, 1% daily when compounded annually yields a 3750% RETURN.

If you want to skip the tutorials and get started right now:

  • Head on to and log in to the DRIP Community Page
  • Connect any wallet that you own, could be a Metamask, Binance smart chain wallet or wallet connect.
  • Here you can exchange your existing BNB for DRIP with 0 taxes associated.
  • Deposit AT LEAST 1 DRIP to be a participant in the system
  • Then further log into the DRIP community faucet and deposit the DRIP there.
  • Adding a buddy address is mandatory, you can add this address: 0xeEc4ae2c6E5a260AA31e1F4B1a636F1E917B9AFD
  • NOTE: maintain at least 0.1 BNB for performing transactions, since each action costs 0.0036 BNB

Or click here for the STEP BY STEP Guide.

Includes how to purchase and stake Drip, PDF Slides presentation, Whitepaper and video interview with the Drip Token founder.

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