Top 5 Crypto Whale Tracker Tools to Buy the Dip in 2022

Several factors contribute to the volatility of the crypto market. One such factor is the group of investors categorized as “crypto whales.” Crypto whales are major stakeholders in the market and influence price fluctuations. There are several whale tracking tools available that can help you anticipate crypto market movements, handle fluctuations, and buy the dip at theContinue reading “Top 5 Crypto Whale Tracker Tools to Buy the Dip in 2022”

Fundamental Analysis

Cryptocurrencies are volatile assets and crypto trading is associated with high risks, so it’s easy for novice traders to lose money on the crypto market if they don’t understand the rationale behind the digital assets’ price fluctuations. To better understand how the crypto market works one should familiarize themselves with fundamental analysis. What is fundamentalContinue reading “Fundamental Analysis”

What are NFT’s?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are the digital version of something that has been around forever – non-fungible things. Non-fungible things are unique pieces of our lives that we buy, collect,stumble upon, receive as rewards, and ultimately, attach to our identities. They are varsity jackets, wedding rings, paintings, rare sneakers, signed baseball cards, Xbox achievements, framedContinue reading “What are NFT’s?”


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