Its 2023 and Bitcoin (BTC) has turned 13 years old—oh, how time flies. We’re sure that everyone here has at least heard of it by now. As our favorite digital currency continues to mature over time, so does its money-making opportunities. More people are figuring out how to make money with Bitcoin.

For those who are new to the crypto world, especially if you don’t have a tech background, the entire blockchain ecosystem seems very overwhelming. It took me a few months to learn enough about blockchain to the point where I was comfortable investing in the space.

That’s why I created this resources page to share with you the websites that I visit often. By having access to the right resources, those who are new can dramatically speed up their learning curve. I wish someone had given me this list when I got started – it would’ve saved me so much time!

Feel free to share this list to your friends who are new to crypto!


A cryptocurrency exchange, or a digital currency exchange (DCE), is a business that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets, such as conventional fiat money or other digital currencies.

Below are our Top 5 recommendations, all are 100% reliable and trustworthy.

Automated Trading (Bots)

Automated trading systems are nothing more than giving computer instructions on how to trade. It can be sometimes referred to as algorithmic trading. A piece of software executes trades monitoring the market at the same time. The trades are placed once certain criteria are met.

The biggest advantage of automated trading platforms is considered its emotionless nature. Various sources of information report that around 80% trading of the US shares are done via automated trading software.

Crypto trading is much younger compared to traditional trading, but the automated crypto trading software is catching up.

How to automate trading strategy?

Trading bots are meant to automate your trading strategy. If you don’t have one what will it automate?

You can follow these 5 steps to create your automated trading strategy. 

Decide on a Trading Plan

Having a trading plan is the very first step towards a success in trading regardless of if you’re using an automated trading system or not. Start by defining the pairs you will be trading and how often do you expect the bot to take the profit. Have in mind the scenario of a market reversal and extend your trading strategy to the worst-case scenario.

Some platforms provide automated trading strategies of their users so that newcomers can take advantage of it and compare the approaches.

Define Your Trading Rules

Even if you have set up a successfully trading bot, there’s still a set of questions you should know the answer for. How often do I check on bots? When do I turn off the bot? What should I do in case of loss?

Choose Your Risk Settings

Automated trading can amplify your profit, but it can also increase your loss to a similar extent. Decide on the maximum volume the bot can trade on your behalf. If you are an experienced trader, consider using advanced tools such as Stop Loss or Martingale.

Back test Your System

Most automated services offer back testing service. That means that you can set up a bot and test it against real-life conditions without the risk of losing money. Back testing is a good way to check how your bot would perform in a certain market. It can also be helpful comparing bot settings and exploring new features. 

Monitor and Analysis

Now you have launched the bot. It will monitor the market for you. Still, any bot needs a manager occasionally. Keep an eye on market conditions to see if your bots might be running against the current trend. It is a good practice to check your bots at least once a day. 

You can also find inspiration in automated trading strategies ideas that other traders share online.

Our Recommended Bots

3 Commas
3Commas is a web-based crypto trading management platform that provides an advanced interface for many major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Using your 3Commas interface and your API key from an exchange (We recommend Binance) you can develop a variety of algorithms for automated crypto trading strategies, including long, short, composite (multi-pair) and QFL (Quick finger Luc) bots.

All the automation tools can be back tested from the platform and you also can employ successful crypto trading algorithms created by other users. Click here for 3 Commas

Cryptohopper is an automated cryptocurrency trader, that works 24/7 across multiple exchanges. Never miss a winning trade again. Get started now by setting up a free Explorer trial. They also offer a basic version of Cryptohopper, completely free of charge! Click here for Cryptohopper

Our Favourite News and Resource Sites

There is so much information on the Internet, lots of ‘fake news’ and especially in the Cryptocurrency market, lots and lots of people trying to scam you! Or just push/pump their own investments.

Check out the below sites for reliable useful information.

Alt Fins


Bitcoin Talk

Crypto Compare

Coin Market Cap

Coin Telegraph

Coin Dance

Coin Desk

COIN 360 (Crypto Heatmap)