Top 10 Cryptocurrency Traders to Follow on Twitter in 2021

For all those trading cryptocurrencies, Twitter is by far the best venue to find all the latest about the market.

Experienced Crypto-Twitter (CT) users know that you can find all the relevant updates about your favorite coin with one click. You only need to search for the ticker of the specific coin plus the “$”, and you will instantly gather all the most recent news and opinions about that coin.

For example, you want to know if it’s a good time to buy Ethereum, you can type “$ETH” in the search bar, and all the tweets related to that token will appear on your timeline. Isn’t it easy?

On the other side, this wide offer of free available information makes it quite difficult to separate the good from the poor content. Crypto-Twitter is host to countless self-proclaimed traders, experts, analysts, and influencers. Unfortunately, being able to plot a trading indicator on a chart, or to draw one trend line doesn’t make you a trader just yet.

Most of the content you will find on CT is not that relevant and often is created only for shilling specific coins. But if you dig deeper, you will see tweets that can help you increase your trading skills significantly.

For all those in search of prime-quality tweets, here is a list of the best crypto traders to follow on Twitter.


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Don’t be terrified by his profile pic. He is much more tender than his avatar would make you think! He regularly posts Bitcoin charts together with Altcoins. He manages to explain all his setups in a very clear and straightforward way. If you are looking for a quality charts-only account, this is the one for you!


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Trading cryptocurrencies requires discipline and a balanced state of mind. Who better than a monk can help you survive the market? He shares a mix of Bitcoin and Altcoin charts and broader news about the industry. On top of that, he occasionally shares views on commodities and precious metals that those also looking for opportunities in other asset classes will appreciate. One more benefit: He runs a blog with tips and articles about technical analysis that would be very useful both for beginners and more advanced traders.


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If you imagine the typical trader in your mind, he would be likely a man sitting in a room in front of multiple monitors. I am delighted to include in this list a woman that well deserves a spotlight among all the traders on CT. Her views and analysis are always rational as she interprets the market in a very objective way. Just like trading should always be! If you can’t get enough of her content, you can also follow her series of live stream on Youtube.


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A pure contrarian Pirate. A long term BTC supporter who is not afraid of pointing out his bearish views. Trading doesn’t mean to stick blindly to your ideals but to interpret how the price is moving to predict the probabilities of where it could head to from there. If you are looking for advanced setups with extensive use of Fibonacci levels, his account will also satisfy the more demanding ones among our readers.


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125k followers on Twitter should already be a sufficient introduction for this account. Absolutely a must-follow in the space. This friendly duck will guide you through all the issues related to crypto-trading. All his posts are a great piece of educational content. He doesn’t use fancy or complicated setups, which makes his account a perfect starting point for all those who want to learn and improve their trading results.


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In my opinion, he created one of the best brands in CT. Apart from his famous collection of masks to keep his real identity private, if you meet a crypto-chart with a black background and white and green candlesticks on Twitter, chances are you are looking at one of his setups. Branding aside, he offers high-quality views on Altcoins perfectly mixed with memes. Entertainment and some funny posts help get through a long day of stressful trading!

He regularly runs live streams that I highly recommend. Not only does he clearly describe the setups and explains how they should be tackled according to his view, but he also emphasizes the importance of educating the viewers.


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Are you looking for the best educational content on trading cryptocurrencies? This account can probably cover 80% of all you would ever need to know! Follow him on Twitter and Telegram for more in-depth daily posts. There is no other account that shares his views and opinions with such great dedication and passion. Many pay for premium content that is not worth 10% of his free post. Thanks, Cred for your fantastic job!


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One of the things that helps the most in trading is to understand the “big picture” and interpret the context you are trading in. Few other traders on CT can present you the long-term scenario about BTC like this gentleman. Even short-term traders will appreciate his charts.

Sometimes his setups can be not straightforward for beginners, but trading is challenging after all, and for sure you won’t regret following him.


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Last but not least, there are crypto-traders, and there are Traders with capital letters. You can agree or disagree with his views, but for sure you need to pay respect to a multi-decade experienced trader. He has been a trader since the early beginning of Futures trading on the CME. He watched financial markets evolving until the rise of crypto as a new asset class. If you want to learn more about traditional trading patterns and setups, don’t forget to follow Peter!

Summing Up

I selected these accounts according to some essential criteria: First of all, simplicity. All these traders can communicate their setups and views in a very clear way. Also, I selected these accounts because they can provide great educational content that will help you develop your own trading method.

I strongly suggest following these people with an active approach and trying to grasp as much as possible the logic behind every opinion shared. Following traders that can share different views also helps you develop critical thinking that protects you against your own bias. Trading requires an open mind that can adapt to market conditions that evolve every day.

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