Alternative to Traditional and Cloud Mining

Go Mining Token

Brand new way of investing

Token backed by real, constantly growing assets with daily income paid to its owner

Start investing in mining with GMT.

No need to purchase equipment, maintain it, and invest additional funds

Quick start

You no longer have to think about purchasing equipment, setting it up, maintaining and upgrading it. All of this is carried out by our service centers, and GMT holders do not have to worry about it.

High liquidity

Unlike the equipment, the token is a highly liquid asset. Its sale takes only a few minutes and at the same time it is not subject to wear and tear and does not require additional investment.

Double profitability

By investing in the token, you are investing not only in a growing exchange-traded asset, but at the same time in an asset that brings passive daily income. Such a token structure creates financial support for the investor in case of market volatility or provides additional income.

Daily income

The profit is paid out directly to the holder’s wallet from the pool. Accruals are conducted once daily at pool estimated time 00:00 GMT is an official GMT Ambassador, we have an exclusive deal for new investors. Contact us for details

GoMining, a professional mining company founded by international investors in 2017. The company spends most of its profits on the construction of new data centers, the purchase of new equipment, and further infrastructure upgrades. They are also committed to environmental friendliness and sustainable development by receiving 50% of the electricity used for operating data centers from renewable energy sources (hydroelectric power plants & wind turbines). Their future plans are to adopt a 100% sustainable energy consumption model in their efforts to minimize any ecological harm.

The company has several data centers across the globe operating under their individual power consumption infrastructure of more than 200 MW. This diversification ensures functionality as well as empower future growth. There is also a 24/7 live feed of one of the data centers for anyone to get a glimpse.

Last but not least, the company runs its own insurance fund with the purpose of covering any negative difference in electricity costs in case a sharp drop occurs in the BTC hash rate or other abrupt events. Every day 2% of the overall interest accrued by the pool is reserved for the insurance fund. Currently the magnitude of the fund consists of around 1.5 BTC.


In order to make mining available for everyone, the company has created the GoMining Token (GMT). Each GMT is backed by real, constantly growing Computing Power (CP) which is measured in TH/s on the SHA-256 protocol. This way, holders of the token are entitled to receiving daily passive income of BTC proportional to their individual CP, without the need to purchase their own equipment or even worry about the electrical bill.

Also, thanks to the company’s enormous mining fleet of devices, the production of blocks is basically guaranteed. Additionally, the company’s development strategy is to constantly introduce supplementary capacities of CP, with an average occurrence taking place almost every week. By doing so, new GMT tokens are emitted and depending on the overall crypto market conditions a percentage of those tokens are burned in the amount of 20–100%. This results in an increase of the supply capacity of each GMT token which is then redistributed across existing tokens, and further implies an increase in the BTC payout towards holders. The whole process of token emission and token burn does not affect holders in any way other than increasing their income of Bitcoin.

Furthermore, the GMT token itself acts as an asset which can appreciate in value over time, in contrast with mining machines which can prove to be a nuisance for any individual miner. Another advantage of the token is that instead of binding to a specified time period similar when using several cloud mining services, GMT requires no such commitment, and as a result holders are free to sell their tokens whenever they want. Something worth mentioning is that cloud mining has been proven to be very risky in the past, with multiple rug pulls taking place on different occasions. is an official GMT ambassador and we have an exclusive deal for new investors.

Contact Patrick for details on available discount

Considering that it is backed by a professional company which has years of experience in the mining industry and the efforts they put into making this process available to everyone are quite substantial and cannot go unnoticed. Not to mention that they offer a simple way to earn Bitcoin by avoiding the complexity of mining, while forming a trustworthy environment for all users. GoMining Token has also been featured recently in many news sites, with Yahoo Finance being one of them. It is only a matter of time until they become even more popular.

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